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University Fixed Seating | University Chair SJ307

Products Description

School Chair | University Chair  SJ307

School Chair | University Chair

Seat board: Multi-layer with fireproof board.

Back board: High density board.

Back support frame: 2.5MM hot rolled sheet + 6MM hot rolled sheet.

Beam: High-quality aluminum alloy, with pen slot on the top beam.

Writing table: Fireproof board on the surface of density board.

Leg: 2MM hot rolled plate + 6MM hot rolled plate.

Recovery function: Damping recovery mechanism. 

Seat cover/beam cover: High quality PP.

Screw: expansion nut + screw.

Size reference:

School Chair | University Chair

Back height: 760MM;                                    Seat length: 540MM;

The seat plate is high: 450MM;                     Foot length: 300MM;

The writing board is wide: 320MM;              Writing board height: 760MM.

School Chair | University Chair

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