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What kind of auditorium chairs can be called excellent?

Today's auditorium chairs have been widely used in government agencies, enterprises and institutions, schools, studio centers, cinemas and other public places, and are becoming more and more common. So, what kind of "quality" should an auditorium chair have to be considered excellent?


1. The auditorium chair can have an included angle of about 100° when the backrest and seat panel are unfolded, so as to achieve the best sitting posture and the most comfortable sitting experience.


2. Generally speaking, cushions that are thicker and have concave curves can provide a good sitting feeling. The popular mesh auditorium chairs now on the market are also a good choice. They feel comfortable and are conducive to heat dissipation.

auditorium seats


3. The backrests of auditorium seats must be comfortable and safe. The backrests of some chairs are very loose, and slight shaking can produce noise. Such chairs are not only easily damaged, but also pose safety risks.


4.The legs of auditorium seats are also an important criterion for judging whether they are excellent. Auditorium chair legs generally made of solid materials such as stainless steel are used to ensure the stability and safety of the chairs.

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