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What design techniques are used in auditorium chairs?

In some theaters and auditoriums, auditorium chairs may be required for coordination based on usage and site design needs. Each auditorium chair is composed of four parts: seat, backrest, armrests and feet, which contains the core craftsmanship of the auditorium chair. Let’s talk about the craftsmanship used in auditorium chairs.


1. Seat cushion shaping sponge is generally made of high-resilience polyurethane foam, and the fabric and support plate are closely integrated into one.


2. The backrest is made of high-density sponge to ensure beauty and durability. The unique back and waist shape is designed based on the principle of "human morphology", which conforms to the human sitting posture, making it more comfortable and perfect.


3. The backrest and seat plastic shell of the seat are made of high-quality raw material ABS engineering plastics and are injection molded in one go. Features: non-deformation, high precision, corrosion resistance, scratch resistance, easy to clean and maintain. The plastic shell adopts uniquely designed sound-absorbing holes to maintain good sound-absorbing effects.


 auditorium chairs

4. The seat cushion flip-up adopts a double spring design to ensure that the seat automatically flips up slowly after the person leaves the cushion, without impact, without any noise, and rebounds in place. Trouble-free and long-lasting.


5. The fabric is made of high-grade textiles, which are fire-resistant, easy to remove dust, anti-fouling, anti-static, wear-resistant, anti-fading and have good sound-absorbing effects. The color can be customized.


6. The load-bearing mechanism (seat bracket), chair cushion, and back cushion are easy to disassemble and install, and are interchangeable between different chairs.


7. The seat can be equipped with a high-strength built-in writing board to keep the aisle clear when retracted.

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