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How much do you know about the foot types of auditorium chairs?

Auditorium chairs are also very common in life, but we can often see that the feet of auditorium chairs have various shapes. In response to this problem, below we can briefly understand the problem of the feet of auditorium chairs.


In general, auditorium chair stands can be divided into reinforced stands and ordinary stands.


Ordinary landing method: one-leg landing, that is, one-leg landing, which is relatively stable and inconvenient to fix and install. The stability is worse than the reinforced landing.


auditorium chairs

Reinforced standing method: handrail foot landing, that is, the standing foot is directly connected to the handrail frame. It is strong, reliable, and easy to fix and install. The handrail frame is combined with the standing foot, and the structure is simple.


In the final analysis, which kind of footing should be used for auditorium chairs depends on the actual situation. The first key is to conform to the overall appearance and core structure design. Secondly, the appearance, shape and stable structure of the product can meet people's requirements for comfort. This is the original intention of manufacturing auditorium chairs.

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