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The secrets hidden in the auditorium chair number plates.

There will be a small number plate on the back or side of the auditorium chair. Although this number plate looks very inconspicuous, it is one of the important accessories of the auditorium chair. Let's take a look at these small number plates. The secret of small number plates.


There are two commonly used number plates, one is called seat plate and the other is called row number plate. The seat number plate indicates the seat number in each row, and the row number plate indicates the order of the row.

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Commonly used materials for number plates include transparent PVC sheets and aluminum alloy sheets. The PVC sheets can be screen-printed on the bottom and can also be made into a luminous effect. They are usually pasted on the seat and back panels of the seats with self-adhesive adhesive. The aluminum alloy number plate is screen printed on the surface and fixed on the seat with screws.


Row number plates are only installed at the edge of each row. They are most common in movie theaters. In addition to being similar to number plates, there is also a row number plate with a light source, called an aisle light. In addition to indicating the order of rows, In addition, it also includes the function of low-light lighting for the walkway.

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