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Before building a cinema, how should the distance between cinema chairs and the screen be measured?

Planning the space and deciding how many theater seats will be the first considerations when building a theater. This process takes into account not only the spacing between rows of seats, but also the distance between theater screens and walls. So, let’s get right to the answer: What is the distance between theater seats between screens and between rows?


In order to make full use of the theater space, you first need to confirm the total space area of the theater, confirm how many people need to be accommodated, and how many theater seats are allocated.


Screen size is an important consideration. Each theater seat should be able to see the entire screen within a 30-degree field of view. It is very important to determine the large and small distances. Audience members who sit too close may experience discomfort and eye strain, while those who sit too far away lose optimal visual effects.


theater seats

The easiest way to determine the small and large distances of your screen is to follow this simple formula: Take the horizontal length of the screen (not the diagonal length). Multiply the length by 2 for small distances and then by 5 for large distances.


Next is determining the number of theater seats that can fit in each row. You need to make sure you leave enough space for walking paths. It is generally recommended to leave at least 20 inches of space on both sides of the row for optimal results.


Theater seats are measured "center to center," which is from the center of one armrest to the center of the other. Multiply that amount by the number of chairs you'd like to see for a good fit.

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