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What are the characteristics of lecture hall seats?

As the name suggests, lecture hall seats are seats used in lecture halls. The structure of lecture hall seats is generally a steel-wood structure or a steel-plastic structure, which is composed of four parts: chair back, armrests, seat and feet. Nowadays, most lecture hall seat manufacturers will make the feet and armrests into a connected whole. This integrated structure makes the entire seat stronger. After understanding what lecture hall seats are, we will introduce to you some characteristics of lecture hall seats today, so that everyone can have a deeper impression of lecture hall seats.


1. The outer backboard and seat board of the lecture hall seats are made of high-quality multi-layer rotary-cut birch bark and are hot-pressed with formaldehyde-free environmentally friendly glue. The surface has been polished and sprayed five times. It has strong adhesion, corrosion resistance, smooth and bright appearance, and is more It has the advantages of being stain-resistant and easy to clean.

lecture hall seats


2. Sound-absorbing cotton is used as the filling material throughout, and the bottom of the seat cushion will also be designed with sound-absorbing holes. This is because the lecture hall is a serious and quiet place. This design can effectively absorb noise and ensure that the entire environment is quieter.


3. The streamlined design of the lecture hall seat backrest is in line with ergonomics. The seat cushion and backrest are made of fabric, steel structure frame, and high-rebound PU sponge, which are foamed into one piece to ensure that the fabric, steel frame, and PU sponge are closely connected. , even with high-frequency use, it can ensure that the seat does not deform or wrinkle.

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