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What are the standards for student desks and chairs?

Education is a major event in a child's life, but it is not easy to make children sit comfortably and listen in the classroom. According to feedback from some children, they feel uncomfortable sitting during class, which not only affects their physical development but also reduces learning efficiency. Therefore, the size of student desks and chairs is the first thing that contemporary schools must consider when purchasing desks and chairs. With the changes of the times, the development of school desks and chairs has become more and more user-friendly. So what are the standards of student desks and chairs?


1. Seat height


The seat height of a desk or chair refers to the vertical distance from the front of the seat to the ground. It is one of the important factors that affects the appropriateness of the sitting posture. The appropriate seat height should make the seater's legs naturally vertical. When the seat height is close to the height of the human calf plus the height of the foot, it is conducive to the reasonable distribution of human pressure on the seat surface. Therefore, the seat height design of desks and chairs should strictly follow the height of the legs and feet in the human sitting posture.


2. Seat width


The size of the human hip and the appropriate range of motion determine the width of the seat surface of the desk and chair. The seat width design of student seats should consider the needs of tall and strong students, so it should not be too narrow. Generally, it is better to be greater than or equal to 380mm. It can also be determined based on the hip width measurement.

student desks and chairs


3. Seat inclination angle


Because students keep their bodies leaning forward for a long time in reading and writing postures during class and self-study, if the front edge of the desk and chair seat is raised, it will put a lot of pressure on the thighs and the body, and the abdomen will also be severely squeezed. When leaning forward, when the angle between the thigh and the upper body is greater than 90°, the body pressure distribution on the seat surface can be more reasonable.


4. Seat back


During the learning process, when students lean back, the back support bears a certain body pressure load. If the back support is sufficient, it can greatly reduce the discomfort of the cervical spine when students look up at the blackboard or screen. Therefore, in order to distribute the weight of the backrest more, the height of the backrest needs to be higher than the height of the backrest point. The height of the backrest is preferably 350~400mm.

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