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How to choose special chairs for movie theaters?

Movie and TV halls are no longer a new topic. The birth of movie and TV halls is also a manifestation of modern people's taste of life. Therefore, special chairs for movie and TV halls usually use comfortable and silent CINEMA CHAIRS or auditorium chairs. So how should you choose a special chair for movie theaters to have the best viewing effect?


The comfort of special chairs for movie theaters will be the most important deciding factor in your choice. From the perspective of personal comfort, the softness of high-density rebound sponge and the wrapping design of theater seats can make people lie down It needs to be comfortable enough to get a good movie-watching experience. In addition to many wrapping and moderately elastic seat bags and backrest bags, a truly good theater chair also needs to have a certain degree of support, because the purpose of sitting on a special chair for movie theaters is to enjoy movies rather than sleep, so the seat The backrest of the chair is soft and comfortable, but also has enough hardness to support people's backs evenly. At the same time, special emphasis is placed on ergonomics. The theater chair designed in this way has ideal angles and lines, allowing people to sit on it. Sit in the most comfortable position, watch the movie in advance, and finally completely forget about the existence of the seat.



Secondly, quietness is also a very important factor when choosing special chairs for movie theaters. For example, the cushion recovery mechanism used in theater seats is particularly smooth and quiet when extended, and will not produce noise that affects people's mood while watching movies.


In addition, some personalized configurations can also create a high-quality viewing experience. Some theater seats are designed to take full advantage of the armrests on both sides, such as adding cup holders, storage boxes, and mobile phone card holders. More high-end ones even have heating. and massage function.

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