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Auditorium chair manufacturers explain to you what are the main accessories of auditorium chairs.

In school auditoriums, theater halls or movie theaters, you can usually see seats lined up together. The design of these seats is different from ordinary household seats, and the accessories are also different. We generally call these seats Auditorium chair. Today, as an auditorium chair manufacturer, I will explain to you the main accessories of auditorium chairs.


Main accessories of auditorium chairs: seat bag

Most of the auditorium chairs are arranged in rows, and the distance between each row is not very wide. Therefore, in order to save space, the seat bags are designed to be foldable, which can be opened when in use and can be automatically folded when not in use. Make way for passing people. The accessories of the auditorium chair seat package include a rotating mechanism and a seat cushion.


Main accessories of auditorium chairs 2: Backrest bag

The backrest bag mainly consists of two parts, one is the outer panel, and the other is the cushion made of fabric, sponge pad and inner lining board. Back cushions are generally made of comfortable and soft high-density sponges. After all, if you sit for a long time, it will be uncomfortable if the chair is not comfortable enough. The outer panels should also be made of high-quality materials that are strong and resistant to pressure.

auditorium chairs


Main accessories of auditorium chairs three: armrests

The armrest is the basic support of the entire auditorium chair. The main components of the auditorium chair are connected to the armrest. The armrest accessories mainly include the outer frame and the armrest board. Some are also equipped with a writing board configuration for convenient recording. The frame is the support connection of the entire chair. Therefore, the frame must be strong enough to withstand the pressure of human gravity without deformation and damage.


Four main accessories of auditorium chairs: standing feet

The standing feet of the auditorium chairs are directly connected to the armrests, and most of them are fixed to the ground, so that sitting on the auditorium chairs can be safer and more stable. Anchors are usually used to fix them.

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