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Training Chair | School Chair SJ2202-16

The wing chair with ergonomic design allows it to move with the body for maximum comfort whether you’re studying or relaxing. 

360° rotating tablet to meet your different writing postures.

Products Description

Training Chair | School Chair SJ2202-16

Standard specification:

① Imported new PP material, steel base, surface baking paint treatment;

② High density table or ABS plastic writing board;

③ Armrest, cushion and writing board are optional.

Training Chair | School Chair

Wing Chair-The Wings of Angel

Wing Chairs not only satisfy different occasions of use but also can be integrated into different 

living spaces.Italian minimalist design concept, simple and power line structure,looking like 

the angle's wings ready to fly which menas that we are flying toward our dreams.When you sit 

on it, the backrest tightly close to your spine, giving you the very supportive dependence and 

cool feeling.The detailed design of the seat not only makes it look light and beautifu, but it also 

adapts to different styles of various spaces with colors and materials.

Project Case:

Training Chair | School Chair

Training Chair | School Chair

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