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What should you pay attention to when buying a double auditorium chair?

The surface treatment of the luxury double auditorium chair should be relatively firm and soft. With the extension of the use time, some noise will be emitted; in addition, the European patent technology from France--pneumatic response has been introduced to the Chinese market. The actuator makes the seat cushion of the luxury double auditorium chair not emit annoying noises during the pulling and response process. It is soft, elegant, stable, strong, and built-in, which does not affect the beauty of the seat appearance at all.


Application scope: It can be used in auditoriums, cinemas, conference halls, exhibition halls and other places. It is necessary to have a good view when reporting and watching performances. The luxury double auditorium chair should be easy to maintain and clean, and it should be comfortable when used, so that people will not be tired.


auditorium chair

Design characteristics: In most cases, the fabric sofa-style sponge pad method is adopted, and the seat cushion rotatable structure is often used to facilitate the fire evacuation of personnel when leaving. The seats should be numbered and equipped with local lighting at night to facilitate users to identify and find their seats.

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