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Seven issues that need to be paid attention to when buying an auditorium chair.

1. The best sitting posture is the principle of 3 90° and one center point that everyone knows, that is, the thigh and calf maintain an angle of 90° to 100°, the upper body and the thigh maintain an angle of 90° to 100°, and the upper arm and the forearm maintain an angle of 90° to 100° when working.


2. Cushions. Good cushions are more expensive. General auditorium chairs are sponge cushions, so many businesses basically make a fuss about cushions. Good cushions are generally thicker and have a concave curve, which has a good sitting feel. The popular mesh desks and chairs on the market are a good choice. They are comfortable to sit and are conducive to heat dissipation.


3. Backrest. The backrest of some chairs is very loose, and a slight shake can produce noise. Such chairs are not only easy to damage, but also have safety hazards. As for the height of the backrest, the most outstanding feature of the market now is the function of adjusting the backrest height, which makes a chair flexible and anyone can do it. It can be seen that the function of a good desk and chair is very important.


4. For lifting problems, you should understand the material of the steering rod gas pressure rod when purchasing, and if you feel that the lifting is blocked during use, there may be safety hazards, and you need to contact the merchant in time to further solve the problem.


auditorium chairs

5. For the stability of the chassis, the choice of materials is extremely important. Good products are generally made of stainless steel or aluminum alloy, while the inferior ones are made of ordinary engineering plastics.


6. Regarding the choice of auditorium chair feet again, the four-claw chair feet have a relatively small ground area, so the stability is poor. The five-claw area is much larger than the four-claw, which ensures the stability of the chair. The six-claw is the safest. Its disadvantage is that it is inconvenient to move under the feet and it is easy to hit the feet frequently, so almost all chairs on the market are five-claw type.


7. The manual is the best teacher: when purchasing, you should check whether the product has an instruction manual. After purchase, you should strictly follow the product manual for use and maintenance to ensure safety during use.

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