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How to repair fixed university seats?

University fixed seats are a type of seat that are usually used in public places such as school auditoriums, multimedia classrooms, and cinemas. Due to the characteristics of public use, problems such as material damage, discoloration and scratches will inevitably occur during use of fixed university seats, which raises the issue of maintenance of fixed university seats.


University fixed seat beauty is a form of ladder seat maintenance and repair classification, which mainly includes wood repair and paint repair, leather repair and renovation, and marble splicing and seam removal.


University fixed seat

The specific and simple repair method is as follows: first pour 502 glue on the area that needs to be filled. Use scrap wood chips to fill in the areas that need to be repaired, pour 502 glue and wait until it dries. Then use a file to trim out the protrusions or excess areas and restore them to their original shape. Then polish with sandpaper, repeatedly pour 502 glue, and polish with a shovel to make the filled area absolutely smooth and smooth. Repeat the process until it is completely flat.


Afterwards, the coloring and polishing are done at the repair shop. Apply the base color first, wait until the color is balanced, then use gloss water to protect the paint surface, then top color, and then do the gloss treatment. The auxiliary materials used during this process can be wax, abrasives, etc.

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