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How do auditorium chairs apply ergonomics?

Ergonomics, also known as ergonomics and ergonomics, usually involves the application of ergonomics in the design of furniture. For auditorium seats that focus on comfort performance, it is naturally applied to a certain extent in the design of auditorium chairs. Depth and breadth of ergonomics. So, what is included in the design of ergonomics in auditorium chairs?


1. Determine the space area of the auditorium and the number of auditorium chairs. The ergonomic data involved here are mainly specific data derived from human scale, action domain, psychological space and interpersonal communication space. This is used as a basis. Baseline Consider how many auditorium seats are optimal.


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2. Determining the appearance and size of the auditorium seats must also be based on human scale. For example, the height of the seat bag and the streamlined design of the backrest must comply with ergonomic design to obtain maximum comfort. At the same time, there must be space for movement and use around the auditorium seats, which must be scientifically solved by ergonomics.

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