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How important is a suitable desk and chair?

Student desks and chairs are one of the school tools that students come into contact with the most, and the quality of desks and chairs will directly affect students' physical health and learning results, so it is very important to choose a suitable desk and chair. If desks and chairs of poor quality and unreasonable size are used for a long time, the following effects may be caused:


1. The height of students’ desks and chairs is inappropriate, which can easily lead to myopia.

 If the size of the desks and chairs is not appropriate, it will cause students to sit in incorrect postures, and they will easily suffer from myopia if they read and study with their heads down for a long time.


2. Desks and chairs that are too low will also affect the development of students’ cervical vertebrae and spine.

 Through investigation, we learned that most children with cervical spine problems caused by desks and chairs that are too low are tall and thin. This is because the desks are too low, and students will naturally move their bodies backward when sitting, putting all the pressure on them. In the waist, over time it will cause cervical vertebrae or hunchback.


 Desks and chairs

3. Uncomfortable desks and chairs will affect learning results

 If students are uncomfortable sitting, they must frequently adjust their sitting posture, which will distract attention and affect learning.


The problem of low consistency between the size of student desks and chairs and the height of students has become common. Therefore, as a manufacturer of student desks and chairs, we give you a simple way to judge whether the height of the desks and chairs is appropriate: let the child sit When standing, the thighs are parallel to the ground, and the height of the table is one-third of the sitting height of the human body.

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