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Auditorium chair manufacturers teach you three tips for choosing auditorium chairs.

Auditorium chairs belong to the category of public seats. They are generally placed in places where people gather, such as auditoriums, lecture halls, theaters, etc., and there are many of them, so the selection of auditorium chairs is also very particular. Today, as an auditorium chair manufacturer, we will tell you From an ergonomic perspective, there are three simpler and more direct ways to choose auditorium chairs.


1. Sit on it and try sitting directly. As we all know, the best sitting posture is the principle of three 90° and one center point, that is, the thighs and lower legs maintain an angle of 90° to 100°, the upper body and thighs maintain an angle of 90° to 100°, and the upper arms and forearms maintain an angle of 90° to 100° when working. Maintain an angle of 90° to 100°. When we choose auditorium chairs, we can use this sitting method to personally experience the sitting feeling with the best sitting posture. If we can sit for 5 minutes or more, we can still maintain a relatively comfortable feeling. This kind of auditorium chair design will naturally be more ergonomically designed.

Auditorium chairs


2. Look at the seat cushions. Good seat cushions cost more. General auditorium chairs and cinema chairs are made of sponge cushions, so many manufacturers will basically put effort into the seat cushions. When we look at seat cushions, we first look at the thickness. Generally, better seat cushions will be thicker. Secondly, look at the curve of the seat cushion surface. Usually the seat cushion has a concave curve to a certain extent, which can better improve the sitting feeling.


3. Look at the backrest. The backrest of the auditorium chair emphasizes its comfort and safety, so we should also pay attention to the height of the backrest and the inclination angle of the backrest when selecting.

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