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How to choose an auditorium chair

Auditorium chairs need not only comfort, but also health. A good auditorium chair makes people feel physically and mentally happy whether at work or leisure, but sometimes when we put our body in a soft auditorium chair,we feel uncomfortable or even tired. This is mainly because the chair is too soft, the lumbar spine moves forward and exerts force, which causes the waist and back to adapt for a long time, so we feel very tired. So, how should we choose the auditorium chair?

First: The armrests, aspect ratio, total width, depth, and focus of the auditorium chair should be effectively integrated.

Inappropriate armrest height can cause dexterity and fatigue of the shoulders. In addition to the aspect ratio of the armrests, the overall width, depth and focus of the cushion are actually very much related to the posture. When people are sitting, they place their hands on the armrests and slightly stretch out into an inverted figure to facilitate reading, while the arm placed on the armrest when writing is usually in a straight figure.

Second: the choice of fabric for the auditorium chair

For auditorium chairs, the common fabric is usually cloth, because the cost of cloth is lower, and with the advancement of technology, the use of cloth is also longer, and the characteristics of dirt resistance, stain resistance and fire resistance gradually exceed traditional leather fabrics. Therefore, more and more merchants will choose fabric auditorium chairs when buying high-end auditorium chairs. However, because the cost difference between good auditorium chair fabric and inferior fabric is relatively large, and the appearance looks similar, many unscrupulous merchants will use inferior fabrics to pretend to be good fabrics.There are a few suggestions for choosing the fabric of the auditorium chair: whether the fabric has faded, the technology used in the fabric of the inferior auditorium chair will not be too advanced, so the fabric dyeing method will be relatively poor, if the fabric is very prone to fade , You can rub it with water first, and then wipe it with a paper towel. If the paper towel changes color, then this is an auditorium chair made of inferior fabric; observe whether the fabric will be pilling, wipe the cloth of the auditorium chair several times with your hands, if soon there will be a small hair ball, then this piece of cloth is a low-quality cloth; whether the cloth is breathable is also an important point. When choosing a cloth with good breathability, you need to study the relationship between human body temperature, environmental humidity, and comfort.

Third: the structure of the auditorium chair

The structure of the auditorium chairs plays a decisive role. The frame structure of the auditorium chair, the firmness of the structure and the rationality of the design angle will directly affect the quality and function of the auditorium chair. Therefore, the selection of the auditorium chair first depends on whether the overall structure is firm, whether there is looseness, and whether the design conforms to ergonomics.

auditorium chair

Fourth: Filling of auditorium chairs

There are fillers inside, and it is very important to check whether it is close to all the cloth, smooth, and stiff. Whether the two armrests, the seat, and the back are connected for broken folds should be carefully checked. When selecting auditorium chairs, you can sit on the chair and feel whether it is stable, whether the angle is reasonable and whether it has a sense of comfort. The quality of the elastic material affects the comfort and use time of the auditorium chair. Therefore, elastic materials should have strong compression resistance, good elasticity and high density. People can try to sit and feel when they are purchasing, or they can ask companies for instructions on auditorium chairs to ensure the quality of the products.

Fifth: The color of the auditorium chair

The color of the auditorium chair should be in contrast with the decoration tone of the projection hall, that is to say, it should be in harmony with the overall color of the projection hall.

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