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Every structure of the auditorium seating has its perfect function

The auditorium seating is mainly composed of four parts: seat, backrest, armrests and feet. Usually, the feet and armrests are combined to form a firmly installed armrest. The combined structure is generally steel-wood structure or steel-plastic structure.

1. Auditorium seating standing

There are two standing methods: one-foot standing and handrail standing which standing feet are directly connected to the handrail.

The center point of the one-legged seat and the standing-foot support seat is not only beautiful, but also easy to connect the seat feet with other environmental facilities, such as ventilators, power ports, etc. Since the connection method of the single-leg mechanism is relatively complicated, the cost of the single-leg mechanism is correspondingly increased.

The armrest standing method is firm and reliable, the fixed installation is convenient, and the structure of the armrest and the foot is simple.

Standing feet are the basis of the auditorium seat. Generally, the anchor bolt is directly fixed on the ground.

2. Auditorium seating armrests

Armrest structure: The armrest of the auditorium seating is the basic support of the entire seat.

Metal frame: The armrest frame is basically the supporting connecting piece of the entire auditorium seating.

Handrail: made of wood, plastic or other materials.

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3. Auditorium seat bag

It is generally composed of fabric, sponge pad, inner frame and outer plate.

Fabric: Made of flannel, velvet or car velvet, some are genuine leather or artificial leather.

Sponge pad: made of polyurethane foam cotton, density 40-60kg/m3.

Inner frame: Depend on different designs, the simple structure uses wooden plywood and plastic panels, and the high-end seats use spring metal frames and plastic inner shells.

Outer panel: According to design needs, it can be made of wood, plastic or other materials. Its main function is to make a decorative connection with the recycling organization.

4. Auditorium seating backrest

It is generally composed of fabric, sponge pad, lining board and outer board.

Fabric: Made of flannel, velvet or car velvet, some are genuine leather or artificial leather.

Sponge pad: Made of PU (polyurethane) foam cotton, with a density of 35-50kg/m3.

In addition, there are many accessories to choose from, the features of which are as follows:

5. Auditorium seating board

The writing board is an accessory designed for chairs used in meetings or lectures. It is very convenient to take notes, put documents and books in meetings or classes. There are generally two types of writing boards,such as open board and hidden board.

6. Auditorium seating cup holder

The cup holder is divided into an armrest cup holder and an outer cup holder. Armrest cup holders are mainly used in movie theaters and frequently used places. Most armrest cup holders are designed to be integrated with the armrest.

There are mainly two types of external cup holders, the front cup holder and the rear cup holder. When necessary, external cup holders are mainly used in meetings, classrooms and other places.

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