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Iron Frame Bed SJ2002

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Iron Frame Bed SJ2002

Iron Frame Bed


1. Bed frame main frame: 50*25*1.2mm or above square tube, auxiliary materials are 50*25*1.2mm, ingredients are: 19mm round tube and 19*39 round tube, all thickness is over 1.2mm, plastic tube plug 50 *25.

2. Frame welding white: CO2 gas shielded welding is used.

3. Surface treatment: degreasing, oil removal, acid washing, phosphating, passivation, water passing and other processes are required to remove rust.

Electrostatic powder coating, beautiful and durable.

4. The bed board is made of fir wood and is no less than 15mm thick, with three horizontal buckles in the middle.

5. The cabinet door is made of 0.8mm high-quality first-grade cold-rolled steel plate; the cabinet body is made of 0.6mm high-quality first-grade cold-rolled steel plate.

6. Equipped with two door locks, independently closed with locks, high temperature resistant insulation foam, fireproof and durable.

7. The cabinet body has been treated with anti-rust and electrostatic powder spraying, making it beautiful and durable.

8. Use high-quality electrolytic steel plates and electrostatic powder spraying.

9. After phosphating treatment, it is durable.

10. The pivot pins for door installation (one pair with lock plate) are surrounded by small R right angles, and each set of four is a set. One of them has four legs, and the other three are flat plates with anti-slip rubber particles on the four corners.

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