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Cinema Chair | Movie Theater Chair SJ-5601

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Products Description

Cinema Chair | Movie Theater Chair SJ-5601

Cinema Chair | Movie Theater Chair

① Armrest: Highly resilient PP armrest, smart,durable ,comfortable ,turnable back to the back, and more spacious. 

②&③ Back &seat sponge: High-density PU, molded by cold foaming, no distortion for a long time.

④&⑤ Back&seatcover:Injection molded with multiple composite material (pp), anti-impact ,antiaging.

Fabric: stain and discoloration resistant premium fabric with three proofings.

⑥ Leg: Made from top quality steel after precise pressing and welding, and gone through procedures of polishing anti-rusting,phosphing,spraying and powder coating. 

Cushion recovery: Spring returning mechanism.

Screw: Steel hexagon socket cap screws and expanding nut.

Tipping mechanism: new-type spring tipping mechanism or fixed structure.

Cinema Chair | Movie Theater Chair

Size reference:

Width between seat centers: 575MM;                                Seat height: 450MM;

The height of the back to the ground: 980MM;                 Armrest height: 600MM;

The length of the seat plate: 490MM.

Cinema Chair | Movie Theater ChairCinema Chair | Movie Theater Chair

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