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Auditorium Seating SJ8624

With a comprehensive advantage to win a number of international projects.

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OSHUJIAN has AEO advanced certification which bring customs clearance convenience.

1. The average inspection rate of customs clearance will be reduced by about 70%;

2. The customs clearance speed will be increased by more than 50%;

3. Effectively reduce trade costs such as port, insurance, logistics, etc.

Products Description

Auditorium Seating | Auditorium chair supplier

Auditorium Seating SJ8624(图1)

① Armrest cover: Imported timber externally applied with polyester coating.

②&③ Seat & Back sponge: Cold foaming high resilience Pu sponge with integrated foam molding.

④ Side penal:Plywood stitching forming.

⑤ Writing table :High quality multi-layer board.

⑥ Seat & back shell: High quality multi-layer board.

⑦ Leg: Quality steel after precise pressing and welding,and gone through procedures of polishing anti-rusting,phosphing,spraying and powder coating.

Recovery mechanism: Spring or gravity returning mechanism.

Fabric: Stain and discoloration resistant premium fabric.

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