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What are the tips for choosing auditorium chairs for a school auditorium with high-grade decoration?

School auditoriums with high-grade decoration all use fully functional auditorium chairs. So, what are the tips for choosing high-grade auditorium chairs?


1. When choosing a school auditorium chair, you should pay attention to its design. From the perspective of ergonomics, the best sitting posture for a person should be 3 90°: a center point, an angle of 90° to 100° between the thigh and the calf, and an angle of 90° to 100° between the upper arm and the forearm when working.


2. When choosing a school auditorium chair, check the cushion: sponge pads are the mainstream of auditorium chair cushions. Good-quality cushions are thicker and have a concave curve, which makes them more comfortable to sit.

auditorium chair


3. Check whether flip seats are used. Automatic flip auditorium chairs are conducive to the end of the meeting. Flip auditorium chairs can also save more space. It is best to equip the school auditorium chair with a hidden writing board, which can be convenient for taking meeting notes during meetings.

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