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In addition to writing boards, what other practical configurations do auditorium chairs have?

As people's demand for auditorium chairs increases, the functional requirements for auditorium chairs are also constantly improving. While current auditorium chairs can meet people's daily needs, they have also added more and more practical functions, such as stowable writing boards. Let's introduce some other practical configurations.


Cup holder: In addition to being used in auditorium chairs, auditorium chairs containing cup holders are also used in theater chairs. Because a movie lasts one to two hours, it is inevitable to bring a glass of water or drink. At this time, The cup holder of the auditorium chair is a very practical configuration.


 auditorium chairs

Book nets: Auditorium chairs in school auditoriums and conference rooms are usually equipped with book nets to facilitate the placement of books and other materials carried by students. In addition, on these occasions, the auditorium chairs will also be equipped with writing boards to facilitate students' record-taking.


Number plates: There are two most commonly used number plates for auditorium chairs, one is the seat plate, and the other is the row number. Generally, auditorium chairs with number plates will be equipped in occasions with a large number of people to facilitate the arrangement. Classified, visitors can clearly find their location.

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